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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Microsoft's SilverLight Plug-in

Microsoft's SilverLight Plug-in:
Silverlight is a powerful development that comes with Rich Internet Application ,how does it impact testing.
Challenge for a tester is object identification :
Though it is cross browser compatible it is hard to identify objects with the usual selectors
IE developer
Debug bar

Solution is :
SilverLight Spy
This is Opensource tool for identifying UI elements that are developed in SilverLight with limited features & commercial with full features.
Here is there official link : http://firstfloorsoftware.com
Screen shot -1 : Displays the Where to enter url

Screen shot -2 : Displays How to use the UI element selector
Tabs of Properties,View,Statistics(Am not sure how we are benefitted with this
automationwithselenium.blogspot.com-Google pagerank and Worth

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