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Monday, April 16, 2012

Integrate Nunit With Visual Studio 2010 Ultimate IDE

How to Integrate Nunit with Visual Studio :

1. Download Nunit from http://nunit.org/?p=download

2. I have Visual Studio Ultimate 2010 IDE have tried only with this not sure if it works well with other versions former or later.

3. Go To Tools Menu >> External Tools.

3.a It would look like this

4. Click on Add - Enter Details as specified based on your system settings - Have a look at the picture

4.a Click on Apply & then OK

5. Click on Customize - Check Against Nunit and then close

5.a Have a look at the picture

6. You should be able to see Nunit within your Tools Menu

7. Click on Tools > Nunit - You will see GUI open up

7.a Just like the one in the screen shot

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