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Thursday, December 27, 2012

NTLM authentication aka Windows Authentication - JMeter

Recently was given an application with Windows Authentication that i had to create performance test scripts using JMeter as a tool.

Microsoft CRM Dynamics in itself is a complex system adding lengthy scenarios for performance testing would make it worse if you can't quickly get going recording, Hence i went ahead recording the scipts

Follow the usual steps of setting up Proxy Server & Overriding any group policy set :

1. Create a New Test Plan

2. Right Click on WorkBench Click on Non Test Elements >HTTP Proxy Elements Just like shown below

3. Enter all details you would like to have refer to my other post on how to exclude or include a specific URL patterns

If you have strict network settings just like ours where you can't chnage your local network settings

4. Change the Group Policy The local Group Policy object on gpedit.msc /gpcomputer:" ". Go to run command type in gpedit.msc enter . A group policy window will open up & navigate all the way upto local settings

5. Check the option for Enable Proxy Settings.

6. Now access regedit from the run command. Windows > Internet Settings > Proxy Server - Enter localhost:8080

7. Now Click on ProxyEnable 1 like the two options shown

8. Now that we have all we need to start recording over firewall.

9. So we have a Test plan with a Thread Group,HTTP Proxy Server being added to it all you now need to do is click on start

10. You'll see all your actions recorded as a child to the Thread group.

Now let's not forget we did all the above to capture actions of an application that needs a Windows Authentication. So when you playback

11. Make sure you add a HTTP Authorization Manager to each of your transaction.

12. Enter the Server name,Domain,Username,Password just like shown ins creen shot

Hope these steps help in recording Windows Based Applications and reinventing the wheel again save time
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  1. JMeter supports NTLM and Kerberos via HTTP Authorization Manager. See Windows Authentication with Apache JMeter guide for details