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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Executing selenium scripts

on command prompt execute perl amazon.pl
C:\Selenium>perl amazon.pl
ok 1 - open, /
ok 2 - type, twotabsearchtextbox, Microscope USB
ok 3 - click, //input[@alt='Go']
ok 4 - wait_for_page_to_load, 30000
ok 5 - is_text_present, Veho
ok 6 - click, link=Veho VMS004DELUXE USB Powered Microscope
ok 7 - wait_for_page_to_load, 300001..7
So here's how it happens
Selenium server waits there & launches the browser
So have a succesful first testcase.

I 'll add more of Data driven approach & executing a test suite. automationwithselenium.blogspot.com-Google pagerank and Worth

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